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From the Stars

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This community is designed to offer a support base and means of communication to extraterrestrial souls and other like-minded individuals.

Now, the term 'extraterrestrial soul' does not imply that someone is an "alien". Rather, it means that this person is aware of the fact that they have incarnated upon planets other than this one. Often this is their first incarnation on this particular planet.

Life as a starseed/walk-in/wanderer, whatever you may be, is not easy, but the pain becomes somewhat lessened when we have our own kind to encourage us.

As far as posting goes - anything goes. Feel free to share anything and anything related to the condition of the extraterrestrial soul here on earth, from poetry to song lyrics to theories as why we would all be mad enough to subject ourselves to this.

Please be civil. Prove you’re not a local by not acting like one.

Moderated and created by kalenight and ohmyvirgineyes.
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